Jul 5 • 49M

Thinking Out Loud About Devotion

A conversation with Lady Kaltem about what it means to have a devotional practice

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A podcast about western witchcraft, modern paganism, and how to think about the "Craft of the Wise" in a changing world.
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So here it is, Episode 3 of Witchful Thinking Out Loud! I'm joined by my dear friend Lady Kaltem to dive a little deeper on the topic of devotional practice as a pagan and a witch.

Lady Kaltem has been a seeker, a teacher of seekers, an elder and is an all-around badass witch. She is the leader of the Coven of the White Wolf in the Church of the Knotted Ash located in Buffalo, New York. She's also a very dear friend, and I asked her to come talk with me because I know that she's never afraid to tell me what she really thinks.

Yes, I already did a blog post called Decoding Devotion, but today's conversation takes things a little deeper. We're going to get into things like whether devotions require deity (and vice-versa), how devotional practice can turn toxic, and how devotions change when your life changes.

Dreaming of a devotion with candles and crystals? photo by dolgachov

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