Jun 2 • 55M

Thinking Out Loud About Turkey Vultures

A conversation with Lanna Lee Maheux and Michele Abazorius Whitaker about fierce female energy in today's world

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A podcast about western witchcraft, modern paganism, and how to think about the "Craft of the Wise" in a changing world.
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Welcome to Episode 2 of Witchful Thinking Out Loud!

I'll own it, this second episode is a rambler. Back in 2018, as the nation reeled from the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, I went up to Twighlight Covening, an annual event held in October in Massachusetts by the Earthspirit Community. The event puts participants into working groups for the entire weekend, workshops with specific topics and goals and represented by animals. I joined the Turkey Vulture clan, which was run by Lanna and Michele. 

Every working group at Twighlight is a special experience, but Turkey Vulture was a little bit extra. The fierce female energy that it raised, it's focus on social change, and its embracing of anyone ready to embrace it was transformative.

We were women set ablaze with the understanding that we had power, and the right to own that power. Nobody came out of it the same.

As you might imagine, it's a hard energy to capture and turn into podcast-ready soundbites. But Lanna and Michele are two of my favorite witches, and what they started with the Turkey Vulture work is even more vibrant today as we are staring at the prospect of losing a woman's right to choose, and as the forces of bigotry and misogyny increasingly seek to seize hold of our governing institutions.

Learn about the healing power of "garden carnage," why Medusa isn't who you think she is, and how calling your power back to yourself can help keep you steady in these difficult times.


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